Thursday, October 25, 2012


Good Morning!  Yesterday was just too busy having FUN.  No time for a blog entry but I'm back in the saddle today.  

Isn't this fountain cute?  Spotted it this morning in front of Paul and Barb Suppo's place at 1327. 

Looks like it has been a bumper crop year for the cotton farmers.  This field across Cottonwood looks abundant and profitable!  That little yellow crop duster airplane that flies over at all hours of the night and early morning has obviously done his job well.
The streets in the construction area look all packed down and ready for asphalt.  
We briefly chatted with this friendly fellow.   He seems very impressed with all the construction that Palm Creek has done.
Dave is hard at work again this morning.  Today he and his assistant are putting on the blue color for the playing area.
The chalk lines are set.
And here comes the color.  We should have some great photos tomorrow when he gets more done.

Watch Don's video:

Here's the crew working on the back fence at the ballfield.
Certainly is looking good.
Still packing down the streets in prep for the asphalt.

Received an email and photos from Will and Marlene Thurlow this week.  They got out of Lethridge Alberta just in time as their neighbor sent them photos the next day.  I truly understand why our Canadian friends are glad to be here and share our warm sunshine!

Brrrr.....and yuck.  I never want to have to drive through snow and slush ever again!  I'll take my hot July heat anytime instead of this.

Hey Folks--Don't forget to check the various club blogs that are being posted.  As the groups return, they'll be keeping up to date.  You can always check the weekly bridge scores too.


Have a GREAT day!

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