Thursday, November 01, 2012


How does that saying go??  We may be growing old but we're still young at heart?
Look what came trick or treating at our front door yesterday!!

And then the neighbors (Jerry and Marian) got all dressed up (?) to go to a party and the big dance.


Even our friendly hostess was adorned for the festive day.
Myron and Ricki Pershing are the head honchos for our Welcoming Host program.  They coordinate ALL the volunteers who help with greeting residents and guests.   

I saw some activity over by the pond so had to check it out and see what was happening.  These gents were hired to pull up a pump for repair.  That's another "behind the scenes" occurrence that we don't think about as we play in our beautiful resort.

It takes a long time to plant all these flowers!

Paving is underway!  

If you look closely at this can count FIVE big asphalt trucks hauling in the material for our new streets.

Golf cart parking areas are already done.

Electrical boxes are installed.

The fencing for the dugouts is done.

This man is spreading the special mix for the warning track around the ballfield.

Take a look at the detail work around all the fencing on the pickleball courts.  All of this putty was applied to seal the cracks between courts and sidewalk.  LOTS of tedious work!

Opening day for the courts is November 15.  


Here is a helpful hint I received in an email this week.  I tried it and it WORKS.  

But don't try this helpful hint!

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