Tuesday, November 06, 2012


It's Monday night bingo at Palm Creek so we give a hearty cheer of "Daubers UP" and wish our neighbors Good Luck!

Whoever was sitting next to Gerry Daniel and wished her good luck, obviously went way overboard as she was one LUCKY LADY last night!!  Gerry won the jackpot Game 6 for $174.  THEN.....she also won the jackpot Game 12 for an additional $180.  Never before in our PC bingo history has anyone ever won both jackpot games in one night.  Here's Flo Fillipi handing Gerry her two big checks!  Congratulations, Gerry!

This morning Don and I hopped in our cart for a quick tour to see what was exciting and new.  Since we had to make a stop at the trash dumpsters, we also stopped to say Good Morning to the horseshoe players as they were waiting for the next round to start.


Over in the construction area, Ernesto and crew were working on the wall.  They not only mortar all these bricks but then fill them with concrete to strengthen them.

Meanwhile, Dave is still working on surfacing the pickleball courts.

Another crew is busy installing a railing that goes down the ramp to the sunken courts.

Ken Zielie is out at the ballfield again supervising its care.  Last year he would have been out there with a hose to water the infield but now he just has to stand and watch the automatic sprinklers.  He didn't want his photo taken today because he said he was already on too often.  Sorry Ken.

Young Ryan is on premise as they finish off he manhole covers on the streets.  Such camera shy guys!

I've heard a number of avid readers say they don't watch the blog now that they are back here in the park.  I guess that's my excuse for not having to blog on a daily basis anymore.  Hopefully the Palm Creek Facebook page will spring into action soon and they'll be posting stories from our special events.

As we enjoy this beautiful warm sunshine of Arizona, let's not forget the folks back home.

One last entry for today is an email I received from a friend.  I laughed right out loud when I saw this one.

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