Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Games on the New Courts!

Here is the day we've been anticipating all summer long!  Today was the "official" grand opening of the  new pickleball court complex.  


President, Mark Nelson, greeted the audience of avid players and gave special thanks to some special participants.

Our General Manager, Wendell Johnson, was present to welcome everyone to the grand event.  He talked about Palm Creek becoming a premier destination for active players as pickleball is the fastest growing sport.

Rosemary Reese received special recognition for the magnitude of hours she devotes to the club with her blog, schedules, and plethora of paperwork and behind the scenes organization.  Check out that very special paddle.  Rosemary is Queen of the Courts.
Other staff members were present:  Wendell, Dora, Ann, Gary, and Diane.

I was sooo excited and honored when Mark called me down to the courts and thanked me for the summer long blog entries so folks back home could monitor the building progress.  I sincerely thank the members of the Pickleball Club for their generous gift certificate.  Don and I will truly enjoy that meal.  Thank You!!

Speaking of Don....he was up above shooting video so watch for some action film in the next day or two.  It may take him a while to get the editing done since our kitchen table is lined up with computer repair work.  Don was right by my side on all those HOT days as we toured the construction site.

  I tried to get some good action shots as the games began.


And not to be forgotten..........there was a softball game in progress later that morning.  Here is our friendly group of loyal fans doing the wave for their heroes.
P.S.  Just peeked at the Palm Creek Facebook page and saw the great video posted there.  I'm going to put Don back to work at his computer jobs and tell him he doesn't have to edit his video as this one is already done.  I think Peggy Fetzer is doing this with her Ipad.  Thanks, Peggy.  I'll post a link here for those of you who still don't have a Facebook account.

Palm Creek Facebook Page - Video of Court Opening

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Go Get'em Rosemary!!

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