Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Softball Game

As Winnie the Pooh would say:  "It was a Blustery Day".   Brrrrr.  It was a nippy 54 degrees with a nasty cold wind but the games went on with smiles and good cheer.


Bleachers arrived just prior to the game so luckily our few loyal fans had a place to huddle and watch the action.  I'm afraid I was a fair weather fan so didn't stick around very long.

I took this series of photos to show some fun action and then I scurried off to join the photo club in the nice warm SanTan room.  Watch Aggie in action as she clobbers the ball for a nice base hit.

There she is on first base.  I want to learn more about our umpire.  I understand that SHE is a paid umpire and does a great job.  She also oversees the games at Florence.  I'll put my reporter's hat on and see if I can get more info later.  Better yet.....how about one of you ball players emailing me with the info.  Please and thank you.

It was exciting for me to watch this first game since I watched the field emerge from the desert wasteland.  There's more work to be done but we've come a far way already.


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