Wednesday, November 14, 2012

craft fair

Aha......the first craft fair of the season and it was well attended.  I do so admire some of our local artists and craftsmen.  Look at all the hand carved figures here.


Here is Bob Herinck with his wood scroll pieces.  Very intricate workmanship!

Caroline Stone makes the most darling quilted children's books.

Jan and George Waters have their huge custom made earrings.

Plus George is still making his Pegs & Jokers games and the new Fast Track game.

My friend, Sue, is back with her handmade crafts as well.  If you don't have one of her baked potato bags, be sure to get one.  They're fantastic for baking potatoes in your microwave.

There was a nice crowd for the first fair of the season.

Sandy Morin and Lesley Kant were at a booth for the Help a Kitten program.

Our chefs were busy grilling up lunch on the patio.  Love those monster cheeseburgers!

Volunteers were selling tickets.

Peggy and Rex were at the table to support the cancer drive.  Peggy couldn't smile because she had just taken a big bite of hamburger and told me to go away with my camera.

Hats off to the kitchen staff for being able to feed all these people.  

We even caught a picture of Pat Mitchell and Marilyn Goeken at work in the sinks.

At the end of that busy day of shopping and eating, we went to Tom and Elaine's house for more eating.  

Remember these great fish photos we posted in August?

Now we were treated to the labor of their love.  DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing your catch!

Walgreen's Drug Store was here in the park today to give FREE health screenings.  You could also get a flu shot.  I was tested for cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and a healthy weight for my height.  I only failed one.  HA!  I was very pleasantly surprised to hear about all the other available programs Walgreens has to offer...especially about their special fitted shoes.  If you order them and they don't fit comfortably, you can return them!  Awesome program for those of us with special needs when it comes to shoes.  Thank you, Walgreens, for visiting our park today.


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