Sunday, November 25, 2012

Computer World

I don't NEED an ipad.  I've been saying that for over a year now.  And it is true.  I do not NEED an ipad or computer tablet.  I already have both a laptop and a desktop and a smart phone. I am with ipad in hand enjoying my morning coffee while I read the newspaper.  Thank you, Don, for a fun early Christmas gift.  

Normally I read the daily news from my smart phone but I definitely admit that the ipad is so much easier to read with its larger screen.  I'm still learning about all the aps and mumble jumble that comes with a new computer item, but it is fun and certainly keeps me entertained.  Don is anxious to give it a try too but he will have to wait in line for that opportunity.


While we were shopping at Staples, Don was in deep conversation with the computer tech as they were discussing the recent plague of email viruses floating around.  WOW!!!  That's where we learned that if you take a computer to Staples to eradicate a virus, the basic minimum charge is $149.  OUCH!  

Oh, by the way, since Don snapped a quick photo of me enjoying morning coffee, I did the same to him.  Here he is with morning coffee in front of the three infected machines waiting for his tender loving care.  We sacrifice our kitchen table during the winter season and resort to eating from TV trays in our living room.  It seems there are always a few computer users desperately waiting for help.

Don has a motto:  "No fix, No fee" (even though he spent many hours trying to solve the problem).  Try that at Staples.  HA.

I copied this note from the Mac Club blog.  Yes, I will be there to learn more.


Remember that the electric light parade is this coming Saturday.  It's one of the biggest events in Casa Grande.  Palm Creek always has a float entered in the parade so be there to cheer them on.  Our float makes a grand tour around the park Friday night at 6:30.  Decorate your golf cart and follow along the parade route on Cole Circle.  Parade starts up by the main mailboxes.  It's always FUN.  Be outside to cheer, wave, and applaud as they pass by.

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