Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hmmmm.....I thought that once the season had officially opened, I wouldn't need to be blogging so often..............but..............then all these people kept coming up to me at the Novem-beer-fest and saying how much they appreciated the blog and loved to read it daily that I can't suppress the urge to continue writing even during season.  About mid-way through the event, I started to take some photos.  Sorry I don't have one of the big banners welcoming everyone to the event.


It was a HUGE turnout.  Everyone LOVED sitting out on the grass of Palm Park instead of being seated in the parking lot.  It may have been a nightmare for those trying to set up the event as they had to drag electric lines from everywhere but it was definitely appreciated by guests.

The Pots of Petals program was well received.  How awesome it is to just say "I want that...and that...and that...and have someone else plant it for you in a pretty pot."  Fernando and Lillie were on duty to oversee the event.  AND of course, Faustino was there to do the planting.

I took a couple photos of folks enjoying the event.  The weather was PERFECT!!

The volunteers in the booths were having FUN.  They work hard but do have FUN and that's the name of the game here.  Sign up to volunteer at this type of event.  It's the perfect way to meet new friends and feel part of the atmosphere.  Sign up in Activities.

RVs on display.  Can't overlook our sponsors.

We even spotted Ashton and his pretty wife visiting with Wendell Johnson and Diane Gaines.  A VERY special Thank You goes to Ashton and his investor's group for making all of this possible.

I ALWAYS   try to get photos of the many volunteers who do the behind the scenes work for these events.  I peeked in the kitchen and here they were.  Thank you to one and all.

Also by popular request, I've posted more of some upcoming computer classes.  Click on the "Computer Classes" link at the top of this page to see what's coming soon.  There will be more as soon as the Ocotillo Room is ready for use so keep checking back.

A very special THANK YOU to all the people who stopped to compliment the blog.  It means the world to me. It is so nice to have a hobby that others can enjoy. answer the question for the thousandth time....No, I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this other than the few gracious folks who send gifts of appreciation.  BUT....thanks again to the Pickleball club for their generous donation.  Don and I really loved our dinner at Olive Garden last night.  
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