Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wednesday's Tour with Jim Dawson

The field looks like giant moles have been at it!  Big piles of dirt everywhere this morning as they dig the trench for the sewer lines over where the new house sites will be.


The first set of pickleball courts looks different.  We need to meet with Jim to get an explanation.
More digging around the sunken courts.  Wonder what they're doing.
 Yes!  We saw Jim driving past, flagged him down, and begged for another tour.  That is a little exageration as he likes to keep you informed of the progress.  When you readers return, be sure to tell him how much you appreciated his feedback. 

In the housing area, the sewer lines go in first.  That's why the trenches are so deep.  After they are completed, there will be a 4-foot layer of dirt to separate them from the domestic water lines and electrical/communication lines.
This is really a massive project.  Too bad you can't be here to see it first hand.  The pictures just don't seem to do it justice.
Don took some video which I will post at the bottom of this entry.  Be sure to watch as it is GREAT.  You can hear Jim's voice as he describes what you're watching.  Kudos to Don for his newest computer achievements.

Jim also explained how HOT it is down in those trenches.  The men are below level so don't get any kind of breeze plus they're down in the pit with the added humidity of the moistened soil around them.
Back to the pickleball area:  There is extra steel rebar here because the wall will be holding back the dirt behind it.  Handling that steel down in the pit is another HOT job. 
A top layer of special soil is placed on top of the court surface and is very carefully spread evenly.  It is measured to the finest degree by GPS systems set up on all the equipment.
The first quadrant of courts has been packed solid.  Holes are dug where the nets and posts will be installed.
Here's Jim showing us the sleeve that will be mounted in the initial pour of concrete.  By doing this, they won't have to drill any holes once the concrete is poured.  Posts will just be mounted into these sleeves.
This chalk line all around the wall shows how deep the concrete will be.  It is several inches deeper all around the edges to keep it strong.  Tomorrow we should see more rebar and steel cabling being put in place before the pour.
 Another GPS system being directed to the big equipment. 
There is really a big crew working out there this morning.  At temps expected near 110 today, this would be a great place for a Gatorade concession stand.

Now be sure to watch Don's video.  Turn up your volume so you can hear the explanation.
Construction Video

Just had to copy this one from the internet.  Too cute not to share.
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