Thursday, August 23, 2012


Good Morning!  We're having a nice but brief respite from the high temperatures but the precious rain has upped our humidity.  Whew.  We had another nice rain early this morning.

Crews are busy out in the construction area.  Pretty blue pipe is for potable water.  The purple sewer pipe had to be laid first as it is the deepest.  Then those trenches get filled in and they dig to install the potable water pipes.  The EPA requires that the pipes be separated both by depth and distance between so there's lots of digging to do.
The other courts are getting closer to completion.
It looks like the lawn bowls area is really getting a make over! 
The whole crew was out here this morning.
Say hello to another newcomer on the staff.  This is Erica Lesus who is our new Guest Services Director. 

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