Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Oasis was obviously closed to through traffic this morning as the street is dug up for repair.  Luckily we could squeeze through in our cart.
Street repairs like this are happening throughout the resort.  Time to fix the cracked asphalt before they become potholes.  Always a smile and friendly wave from our hard working crew!!  I can just read their minds..........good grief, here she comes again with that crazy camera.
Another quadrant of courts was poured last night.  Another section is almost ready plus they're smoothing out and leveling the sunken courts.

APS trucks are plentiful in the park today as they're continuing with their upgrade of transformers.
It was interesting to see the inside of one of these boxes.  They have a special long safety pole that they use to connect and disconnect those big cables.

We asked why the transformers were being replaced.  The crew explained that the new transformers will provide four times the capacity of the older units.  This is needed for the power requirements of the big rigs and homes throughout the resort.  APS has had to replace several of the old transformers because they burned out.  Thus, it is time to upgrade so that doesn't happen anymore.



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