Thursday, August 02, 2012

Thursday Update

Don and I finished our rounds this morning and, of course, took more action photos for the blog while we were out there.  I'm waiting by the phone in hopes that Mr. Dawson will call again and offer another tour but this will have to do until then.

The sewer ditch is filled in up here by the north gate and the electrical transformers are back in place.  See the new manhole cover?  I'll never look at another one again without an inward smile knowing how they are built.
Big dirt piles are disappearing as the trench is filled up again.
Almost there!  Here comes the sewer line to where it will connect with the new structures and home sites.
Out in the field I see gray pipe being laid out, which we now know means electrical lines.  Purple for sprinkler systems.
Out on Cottonwood, these bricks are going up amazingly fast.  I need to ask Jim more questions as to what this will look like when it is finished.  I think he said it was for the water run off channel but it looks more like a wall.
Don and I drove our golf cart on the sidewalk all the way around the outside of the park this morning to get photos of Cottonwood progress.  I took these pictures just outside the north gate.  This is the concrete water run off channel that I think they're constructing the rest of the length of Palm Creek property.
Took a couple fun photos of us driving down the sidewalk.  I don't know if it's legal or not but we got away with it.  Don't tell anyone.
We played good samaritan along the way as we stopped to pick up trash.  Maybe that will bring us absolution for driving on the sidewalk.
We received a little newsletter in our mailboxes this week with more construction news for the swimming pools.  On September 1, the main pool will be closed the entire month to:
1.  jack hammer all plaster 1" and repair deep cracks
2.  replaster the entire pool\
3.  install new drains
4.  repair tiles, ramps and steps
5.  install tile swim stripes and swim lanes.
The main pool is scheduled to reopen October 1 at which time the north pool will close for 2 weeks to mirror the remodeling done to the main pool.

The newsletter also says we're working with a new recycling vendor with the "strong possibility" that they will take over our recycling and add glass in the future. Here is a blurb I copied from the PC Facebook page about your recycling efforts:

 Have a great day!  Are you watching the Olympics?

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