Thursday, August 09, 2012


Good Morning.  Whew!  We're really having a hot spell these last few days.  The water in the swimming pool is like bath water.  It's actually too warm to swim.  I did a couple laps and then had to stand up to cool off.  Here's my thermometer from yesterday afternoon.  I seriously doubt that prediction for rain. 
We watched the construction action from Site 28 this morning.  They're still working on those courts at a heavy pace.  It looks like all three quadrants on the east side have been treated.  By treated...I mean the layer of finer dirt is in place, leveled, and watered down.  Then they use those compacting machines to harden the surface.

You can see the machines in action in the far courts.

Jim spied us and invited us to come over but we'll wait until they start installing the cables.  We could see he was really busy watching over the action.
Here are a couple pictures from yesterday that I want to add.  This shows the 15 feet of open space that will be between each quadrant of courts. 

I wanted to add this nice picture of the pipe fitter in action.
This new building on "the street of dreams" is going to be the Cholla Room for classes/meetings, etc.  They're removing the other concrete pads on that side of the street to allow for additional parking.
Later on we spotted a new bird for our park!  We saw a cormorant over on the pond. 
I bet this fine feathered speciman had a good meal as they are excellent diving birds.  I went on the internet for some better photos to share as these birds are domesticated over in Asia and are used for fishing.  A ring is tied around their neck so they can't swallow the larger fish.  Then they hop in the boat and the fisherman clears their throat and gets the fish.

The Russian Olive trees are abundant with fruit this year.
That's the tour for today....but I like to add a special touch.  Below is a photo of perhaps the very first "senior moment".
And that is how the dinosaurs became extinct!
Thank you to Marilyn Roemer for sending this my way. 

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