Saturday, August 11, 2012


We had a pleasant surprise this morning as we drove past our normal owl hangout.  He had company today so we got to stop and visit with TWO owls.
We are seeing more and more quail around the park too.  They are so cute with that little bobber on their heads and they run fast.  Sometimes we come across a whole covey and they scatter everywhere as we go by.  Just can't seem to get close enough for a good photo though.
It is Saturday but sure enough we came across Jim Dawson who stopped in to check on construction progress.  But since today is his "day off", he was babysitting for his two new puppies.  They are actually for his 15-year old daughter, but Dad got to puppysit today.

We walked over to take a look at the courts and could see the gray pipe where the lighting system is being installed. 
Everything else was pretty I shall spare you more photos for today.
Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, some of us attended a jewelry party. 

We're still in the midst of our super heat wave which facilitates dust storms.  You may have heard about the recent one that swept through here this afternoon.  Winds weren't very strong so all we got was dust passing through.  It caused more havoc out on Hiway 10 and up toward Phoenix than it did here although there was quite a bit of news about it on TV tonight.  I didn't get any photos myself so I clipped one from the internet.
Just another summer day in the desert.
Thank you to Elaine Moore for sending this cartoon.
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