Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It can't help but be a good day when you start off with a friendly hello from one of our feathered friends.

Crews were busy at work again this morning.  Lots of pretty blue pipe has been delivered near the housing sites.  I'm going to guess blue must be for drinking water.......will get that confirmed next time I see Jim.
Three quadrants of courts have been poured.  They almost had to postpone the pour last night because of threatening lightning but they were luckily able to finish without incident.  It's hard to see from this distance, but the center court no longer has that black cable sticking out of the sides.  That's because the post tension has been applied. 
Now prepping for the next courts.
Today they're pouring concrete behind the retainer wall around the sunken courts.
Jim Dawson is home getting some much needed sleep after being up all night but we saw Lillie on site. 
Took this photo from the deck of Site 28.  Hey Bill--I don't know how you can miss all this excitement.  I think I'd just curl up in front of your air conditioned window and watch all this action.
Elsewhere in the park, we see forms being built for the new curbing.  Hopefully this will keep the big rigs from driving over the curbs and breaking them.
Work still continues for repairing out streets within the park.
The tent cover needed repair.
Lillie caught this photo or remounting the tarp.
Meanwhile, all the buildings are being patched and repainted.  But....even though the card room is closed for painting, they were kind enough to give us a table in the billiards room so our afternoon entertainment could continue.

The Activities Office is getting a new ticket desk.  We found Angela, Eddie, and Luis hauling out the old one to make room for the new.

This summer has been absolutely amazing and bustling with activity between the construction and all our summer events.  Yesterday we had a "They're Coming Back" dinner for summer residents.  Yummy sloppy joes, jello salad, homemade soup, chips, salsa, and ice cream for dessert. 
It won't be long now.
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