Thursday, August 30, 2012


APS has a big presence here this summer.  Still replacing the transformers with new upgraded equipment. It means those houses will be without electricity for about four hours during the changeover.  When it comes time to do our section, I believe Don and I will go downtown to run errands or see a movie where it is cool.  I will miss my AC even for four hours!

The last quadrant of courts was poured last night.  The sunken courts will be poured Monday night.

Digging trenches is still highly active.

Here is more activity for the electrical contractor.

With all the digging going on in the new construction area, I'm really quite surprised that we aren't finding more uprooted scorpions in the houses we watch.  We've found the little critters in six different homes so far but I would have thought we'd see more.  Keep watching for the little guys as I'm sure they're upset about being chased from their home turf.  We find them in sinks and bathtubs where they search for water and then can't get back out again.

Some of our residents are returning from their summer vacations.  Doreen (site 22) is back and was out to keep us company this morning as we watched the activity.

Kathy Creesan (who works up at the front desk) has returned from her summer trip to Alaska.  The office gang was happy to see her again.  That is Erica in the back (far right).  Her job as Guest Services Director is a new position.  I understand she will serve as a liaison between Activities, the front desk, mailroom, etc and will report to Wendell.  There was confusion when I first posted her picture on the blog as several people were worried that Erica was replacing Valerie.  Valerie says NO......"I'm still here!"

The wooden plenth that runs the perimeter of the lawn bowls court is now finished.

I don't hear much from the lawn bowls group.  How many people are on the roster??  I'll have to do some research and get some answers before season starts.  Maybe we can get them to start a blog like the pickleball and tennis folks do.  Any volunteers??

That's all for today folks!

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