Thursday, August 16, 2012


What a beautiful morning!  It was only 84 degrees, the clouds covered the sun, and there was a lovely breeze to keep us cool.  What a relief after having a couple weeks of record breaking heat.  Whew!

We luckily met Fernando when we drove up to the north gate so got the low down on more maintenance questions.  (No matter how busy he is, Fernando always has a smile!)

He let us peek outside the north gate to see progress along Cottonwood.  This photo shows some progress on the water channel.

Here you can see where they've installed footings and rebar for the new wall that will extend all the way to the end of PC's property line.  The city has requested this upgrade because of the traffic they're expecting when the Phoenix Mart gets built.
Palm Creek must also put in landscaping along that wall so we're in the process of running a water line over there for irrigation.
We also asked about all the curbs that are being dug up at different locations.  Because the curbs keep getting broken, the typical curbs will be replaced with sturdier constructed curbs.  Instead of repairing every year, they are redoing the whole thing.
When we stopped by the construction area, we noticed that most of the dirt piles are disappearing now that sewer and other lines have been installed.  If you look closely at these photos, you can see where the sewer pipes come up through the ground.
The next quadrant of courts will be poured Monday night.  The weatherman says we have possibility for rain the next couple days so we'll wait till this weather system has passed.
Don and I found this darling nest of baby doves on one of the 5th wheels we watch.  They still appear to have pin feathers so must have been inside their eggs just a day or two ago.  How cute! 
I'm sure mama dove was nervously watching us from a distance.
We had another great dinner yesterday with chicken strips from Chick-Fil-A accompanied by a delicious 7-layer salad, yummy potato wedges, and some of Linda Balzan's finest razzleberry desert.  So sorry I wasn't able to attend and get some photos to post but you've seen us eat before!  :)  Chick-Fil-A  is a very active sponsor here at Palm Creek so we try to support their business.  Be sure to stop in there for a great meal when you return.
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