Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday (Tuesday storm)

Another haboob!  A typical monsoon dust storm arrived late yesterday afternoon with plenty of blowing dust. 

The good news is that the dust was followed by LOTS of precious rain!  It rained long and hard so much of the dust was washed away.  We drove all around the resort this morning looking for any damage but didn't find any. 

There was lots of water in the ponds which is exactly as it is supposed to work.
The koi and catfish were very happy as they had new worlds to explore and fresh grass to eat.  We could see them swimming up on the course in places.
This scene was a surprise though!  This is looking down the 8th fairway which is usually very flooded after a storm.  It's all clear!  Looks like that new drainage project is working beautifully.
Meanwhile, normal landscaping chores continue.
Our new courts survived the storm just fine.  Crews are very busy prepping the next set for pouring.
We could see the purple pipe for irrigation now laid between the wall and the water channel.  This is where the hedge of bushes will be planted.
Pouring concrete for the new curbs.
Pouring concrete for the trash area.

With all the exciting construction and maintenance news, we can't forget the regular work that continues on a daily basis around here.  I caught Linda Balzan just returning from the mail delivery.  Thank you, Linda and staff for taking care of our mail every day!
It is only 10:00 a.m. but I'm posting now so if you heard about our storm on the news, you won't need to worry.  No damage anywhere that we could find.
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