Thursday, August 02, 2012

Need Computer Help?

This is just too cute!  ...and I think many can relate to this. 

(Thank you to Avis Gray for sending it my way.)

Today's email was very interesting.  Quite a few notes from readers.
This one is from Jack Rathert up in Alaska: 

"Here is our catch from yesterday out in the Cook Inlet, Alaska.

Lee and Mary Margaret Davis (space 186) on our boat HIGH TIDE, Jack and Carolyn Rathert (space 288).
Once again MaryMargaret out fished us all with a 95 lb. halibut. It was 62"
long, almost as long as her. She brought it to surface by herself
but I did the harpooning and a hot 22 in it's ear to calm it down.
MM caught a 50 lb. halibut last week. We just go along to keep her in bait."
This came from Tom and Elaine Moore:
Tom and I have been enjoying the cooler weather here in Oregon. We have been fishing on the Umpqua River system, and in the ocean, and have managed to catch 4 salmon to date. I finally had my camera with me and here are a couple of pic's of our last catch. Elaine caught a 16 lb chinnok salmon on the Umpqua River, her first of the season on Thursday, July 26th. Tom caught his the next day on the bar of the river. (where the ocean and the river meet) He was jigging on the bar, and landed this 17 lb. chinook salmon, his third of the season. The season is still early, and usually August and September our our best fishing months. Landing these early, is a real treat! We both enjoy the thrill of the catch and fishing.

From another friend:

and one final note for now:

Happy Birthday to my dear hubby!!!!  I love you!

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