Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Good Morning, Readers.  Another beautiful HOT day in Arizona.  10:20a.m., temp is already at 100 ...but only 29% humidity.  It sure felt good to walk in the house after our morning tour and chores.  We keep our thermostat set on 80 and it feels cool enough for us.  If you follow this blog regularly, you heard that we had to buy a new air conditioner in June.  We received our first full month electric bill with the new unit and are VERY pleased.  The new more efficient unit lowered our bill substantially.  In fact, our July bill was below the annual budget amount!  That's the first time I've ever been pleasantly surprised by a July electric bill.

There is a LOT of activity out in the construction area this morning.  Looking at these photos, it probably just looks like a lot of dirt but when you can look over the whole field, we realize how much work has been done.  It's hard to show all the trenches that have to be dug for the sewer and electric lines. 
There is some heavy duty work going on by the courts.  The machines are all hooked to GPS units and are making sure the ground is level.
As the two tractors level it off, one poor guy goes over everything with a hand rake.  Whew....it is hot out there.
Looks like they're building the forms for pouring the concrete.  I'm hoping Jim will call us for a tour later today or tomorrow so we can learn more.  These photos are taken from the patio on Site 28.
Palm tree trimming is still occuring.  There are quite a few trees that can't be reached with the bucket truck so we call in the tree climbers for these jobs.  We watched this guy for a while.  The palm trees sway as he climbs way up top.  Kinda scarey.  I bet he has some strong leg muscles after all that climbing.
There was a surprise 50th Anniversary party for Roger & Linda Balzan yesterday.
They just returned from their summer vacation where they celebrated with family but now they celebrate with their Palm Creek family.
How is this for a "before and after" shot? 
Tables were set with typical Palm Creek elegance.
On a much more somber note, we received this message from Rae Iacovelli whose Grandson was killed in the Colorado theater shooting.

Would you please forward this message to the quilting group in Palm Creek.

I would like to thank all of you for your words of comfort. For all the cards I received and the prayers said in memory of my grandson Alex Teves. Only time will ease the pain we are all going through right now. My daughter and family will be coming to N.J. to have the last of the serices for Alex. There was one in Colorado so all Alex's friends from grad school could attend. The next one was in AZ where Alex lived, and now the next one in N.J. where the family originally came from.  Alex was the kind of guy you immediately wanted to get to know better. He will be missed and will always remain in the hearts of many. Thank you again for all your kind words. I am so honored to have been a part of such a fantastic group of women. I will never forget your friendship. love, Rae Iacovelli
Bill Rowan was at the Balzan celebration last night and asked that I pass along information regarding a memorial service for his wife, Kay, who passed away in April of this year.  Bill is holding an Open House on November 18 from 2:00-5:00 in the ballroom.  Please mark your calendars and stop by to honor Kay's memory.  See this link on the Palm Creek bridge blog for more information.
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