Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Morning Court Update

What an exciting action filled day.  So much to write about.  I'll start up at the north gate where we asked this young man if we could just peek outside the gate to take a quick photo of the wall construction.  Say hello to Ryan Hatch from PCG Construction out of Phoenix.  I believe Ryan oversees most of the construction projects that are happening within the park.

Here is a quick look at the progress outside on Cottonwood. 
Now back to the courts.  Fernando is assisting our Palm Creek crew with pouring the perimeter wall around the sunken pickleball courts.   
Look at all the steel work and rebar that will be contained in this retaining wall.  An awful lot of intense labor is involved with installing this.
Over by the other courts, they are running the tension cable.  This steel cable is encased in a thick plastic coating and gets stretched in a patchwork across the surface of the courts.
This worker twisted wire around the junction of each set of cables.  Looks like back breaking work to me out there in the 110 degree sunshine.
Here is a completed grid on the first quadrant of courts.
Remember those sleeves we showed yesterday?  Here they are nestled into their concrete base.  The posts will be inserted into these so there won't be need for any drilling through the surface once it is poured.  The concrete will come right up flush with the top of that sleeve.
 GPS laser machines are in use all around the area.
They send the laser beam to this post so the man can tell the exact depth of the sleeve before the cement goes in.
Once the perfect depth is determined, they hand shovel cement into the styrofoam prefab form around the sleeve.
Every sleeve is measured accurately....and there are MANY of them.
Say hello to Faustino and his cousin.
Several readers have asked about the brick wall surrounding the courts.  There is enough room between the wall and the water channel to plant nice hedges.  The wall and hedges will be 6-feet high.
This concludes our early morning tour.  Jim said he would call us when the crew was ready to start laying cable on the next quadrant of courts.  Just AFTER my nice fresh shower, we headed back out there to watch the cables go in.
I'm going to publish the rest of today in a separate post because it takes too long to upload all the photos at once.
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