Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Say Hello to the folks at water aerobics!  Thank you, Linda Berry, for dedicating all your time to this event over the years.

It was tour day with Jim Dawson once again.  I certainly have a new respect for construction crews after watching all this action for the past couple months.  AND I certainly am impressed with the plethora of knowledge that spews from Jim as he explains what each contractor is doing.  He knows them all by first name and he knows exactly what each person on each crew is doing.  His years of experience in the construction field are certainly valuable.

This crew is installed the fresh water lines to the entire area. 

Fresh water is installed through a loop system so that the water source comes from both ends of the system.  That prevents someone from being at the "end of the line" and getting poor pressure.
Sewer lines, fresh water lines, and electrical lines each have their own trench.  The trenches have to be separated from each other both in depth and distance between.  No wonder there is so much digging going on out there!

Blue pipe is fresh water.

Where the lines go around a corner or connect to another line, they wrap the junction in this special black plastic and then pour concrete over the connection.  This prevents the pipes from jolting when heavy pressure is run through the line.  The black plastic protects the bolts and junction in case they ever have to dig up the line again.

A different contractor is working on the electrical and communication lines.  Note the gray lines for electric.

Mr. Steffey from Steffey Excavating was looking for the electrical lines coming from Phase one of the park so he could make the connection.  In this day of high technology, he was using a witching stick to try to locate the buried lines.

By works.  Here's what their site looked like the next morning.  When these guys dig into a project, they really DIG.

Back at the pickleball courts they're busy laying out the cable and getting ready to pour tonight. 

The sunken courts are close to being prepped.  The outside of the wall has been treated with a water resilient coating.  Then the moat or space behind the wall gets filled in.  When putting the dirt back behind a wall like this, the soil must be tamped or compacted back into position.

Also on our round with Jim yesterday, he stopped to show me some of the other routine maintenance jobs that our residents (including ME) never think about and just take for granted.  All the restrooms and showers get a major overhaul.  Eddie showed us how they pull down all the light fixtures, shower heads, shower curtains, ceiling vents, etc. and give everything a professional cleaning.  Shower rooms were also painted this year.

New emergency and outgoing phones were installed by the satellite stations.

 Tile floors get redone.

Okay.....I'm tired of sitting here uploading all these photos.  I have enough time to shower and then take a quick nap before I head up to the clubhouse to play cards.  This blog takes me many many hours.

Oh yes......the cactus plants loved that nice rain we had last week.

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  1. Jim and I really appreciate all the time and effort that you put in to this informative blog!!


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