Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Other Works in Progress

Whoops........I posted the wrong link yesterday.  To watch Don's video, click here. 
First Courts Poured

We encountered a rogue unexpected thunderstorm last night with MUCH lightning and thunder, dirt, and even some rain.  It forced cancellation of pouring the next batch of courts so I didn't post any further photos of that area today.  There is plenty of other maintenance and construction I think all of you should be aware of as these tasks keep our park beautiful.

Somebody always seems to drive over curbs so they have to be replaced periodically. 

I spotted this branch that got caught on a hangar and went for a closer look.

Our palm trees must be very healthy and well cared for as they sure do bear a lot of seeds.

There are numerous painted lines on many of our streets showing where asphalt will be replaced.  Here our crew is cutting up a chunk on Oasis for replacement.

Meanwhile back on the golf course, work continues on putting in more drainage in some of the low spots that seem to puddle.

I'm not sure what's going on over by the maintenance building where the trash bins are normally placed but it is being all dug up. 

It doesn't look to be a small project when they bring in this much equipment.

Whoops.....came across a group of happy golfers out in the early morning.

More digging all around the main set of mailboxes.  I'll have to find out what's happening.  I'm sure I'll see Fernando soon who can explain it all.

Where there is digging to do, we usually find Faustino! 

All the admin and classroom buildings are being patched and painted.
 Our resort is certainly being well cared for!!
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