Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update on Construction

I got another ride out to the construction site with Jim Dawson this afternoon.  How exciting to be part of the action.  You readers are responsible for this because your feedback makes the blog popular. 
The earthmovers are smoothing out the area where the six new homes will go along the edge of the golf course.  Many of you saw the two model homes already installed at Sites 1958 and 1957.  The next six will be 1956-1951.
Across the street from the golf course homes will be three blocks of other home sites.  This is all part of this phase of development.
How exciting to see it all come to life.
The surveyors are busy out there communicating with the equipment drivers as to the exact depth and grade for the land where the sites will go.
Lasers and GPS units are operating.  Some even directly adjust the blade on the big truck.
Preparations are also underway to put up the brick wall that will surround the area at the edge of the property.
There will be a six foot concrete wall along this line.
Here's a nice shot of the sunken pickleball courts.
Here they're cutting the rebar and getting ready for the concrete.  Concrete should be poured within the next two weeks.
Yes, that's Fernando out there digging the trench for the fence with Ernesto working the GPS for depth measurement.
They insisted that Jim join them for a photo.
Then we drove up to the north gate area.
The sewer lines go down 19 feet where they connect to the main sewer.  I learned that the cage equipment down in the trench is a safety device called trench shores so if the wall of the trench should collapse, there would be a safety space to protect any workers.  As the shovel extends the trench, he drags those cages along the path.

This trench will be dug all the way down to where the new houses are being built.  It will gradually get shallower as they progress providing a slope for run off.

This is an exciting time to be here!

P.S.  Thank you for all the birthday emails I received!

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