Friday, July 27, 2012

Quiet Friday

Activity today seems pretty quiet compared to the rest of the week.....except of course up by the sewer trench.  Plenty of action here.  Pipe is being lowered into place and concrete being placed around it.  Now you can see that trench shoring being put to full use.

The rest of the park is pretty quiet so I'll spare you the dirt pictures for a change.  The landscapers are still busy trimming the palm trees.  They do approximately 125 trees a day until the project is completed for the year.  Here is a link to a video to show the chore in action:
Trimming the Palms
We salute the hard work of cleaning up the debris!

We haven't seen our owl perched at his normal house for quite a while.  When we drove past this morning, however, we could see an owl peeking out from the sheltered corner.  He then came out to check us out.  This appears to be a juvenile as he's smaller than the one we're used to seeing. get another owl picture but I don't have a cactus flower for you today.  That will keep Don quiet for a while.

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