Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Day

Hi Gang!  Check out the cool photo I received from Jim Mays.  Jim is an avid remote control airplane enthusiast and has a camera on his plane.  He took this picture from about 50 feet up over our construction site.  Thank you, Jim!!

Today's activity is definitely centering around the back gate where they've dug out this huge trench for what I believe to be the sewer lines.

As we were watching, we saw some heads appear from down below so we know the trench must be pretty deep.  Can't get too close though because we would definitely be in the way.  Lots of equipment in the area today.

APS is here in force working near the big electrical boxes.

Today we did our observation from the deck of Site 24 thanks to the invite from Dave Love.

This puts us directly across from the new softball field.

That's the pit for the sunken pickleball courts off to the right.

We spied Popkorn over at Wes Mitchell's house so had to stop for a quick photo.  Hi Guys!  It was a pleasant 90 degrees and only 20% humidity so sitting out on the patio is quite pleasant.  Based on what I hear from you folks in the midwest, that is very comfortable.

And here is your chuckle for the day:

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