Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Busy Golf Course

More drainage work continues on #8 hole of the golf course.  When the golfers return this fall, they may not see anything different about the course........but there is a LOT of work being done to improve their play experience.    Hats off to our management team for supporting all these improvements to our park.
Things were pretty quiet on our rounds this morning.  We saw more surveyors over in the construction area but it doesn't pay to take pictures yet as it looks the same.  Just plain dirt with surveyor flags all over.  We know preparations are being made and groundwork is being laid.  It will be more exciting when we can actually see changes.

These great-tailed grackles were strutting their stuff on the green this morning.  While some folks look at them as a nuisance bird, I find them fascinating to watch.  I checked them out on Wikipedia for you today:    "This bird has a large variety of raucous, cacophonous calls, and is widely considered to be a noisy pest species.  When a male spots a female, he engages her by puffing up and gaping his mouth. He then proceeds to make loud calls and follow the female. The female will allow the large males to mate with her; she will usually reject smaller males. Before dawn and after sundown these birds congregate in large numbers in a particular area, covering neighboring roofs and every available tree branch. There they caw and croak for hours on end, finally taking wing simultaneously until the next evening roost."

Two roosting spots I know of are 1) in the trees at Cracker Barrel and 2) in the trees in front of the outlet mall.  If you are there just before sundown, you can watch them arrive in droves! 
I believe this next picture is one I saved from the Photo Club (Barb Suppo?).  It shows the male at work trying to impress his lady friend.

(Will I get in trouble if I say:  "Men are all alike.")

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