Saturday, July 28, 2012

Taco Dinner plus how to build a manhole cover.

Yesterday was our first ever Taco dinner at Palm Creek.  It was GREAT!  Congratulations to Diane Gaines for another VERY successful event.  These dinners and outings are so fun in the summer because we have a small crowd and get to know just about everyone who stays here during the summer heat.  We're tough!

It was fun to discuss "how to build a taco".  Which ingredients do you layer?

It is Saturday but this crew is busy at work on the sewer line.  This is the first time Don or I ever saw an installation of this kind so it was truly fascinating to watch.  Luckily there was cloud cover this morning so we didn't have to stand out in the full sun. 
He is obviously an experienced crane operator as he made it look so easy. 
  They applied some thick adhesive strips around the circumference of each concrete piece.

Yesterday they poured concrete around the ends of the two sewer pipes.  Today the man is down there spreading some heavy adhesive around the edges.
Then the crane lowers the concrete silo into place.

Each section gets lowered and placed just perfect....ending with the manhole cover at the top.

I should have a great video of this process in another day or two.  Don is learning video editing (we think). 
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