Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cactus Surprise!

We had a lovely morning on our rounds today as the temp was only 82 degrees. Humidity was 63% but it still was a cool welcome relief to us after our rain yesterday. 

On Monday I took this picture of a cactus at 1703.

This is what we saw this morning!  Awesome!!

This plant is just stunning to see as you drive down the street.

There are more blooming at this house on Coyote trail also.

As we drove down this street, Don and I both said "Oh NO."  It looked like a big hawk or owl had met its demise.

BUT.....upon closer inspection, it is just a chunk of palm tree.  April Fools!

The Great Blue Heron is waiting for his breakfast.

Landscapers still hard at work attacking the ever fast growing oleanders.  It seems the more they cut, the faster the bushes grow!

You folks have a GREAT day wherever you are.
You enjoy reading the blog.  I enjoy receiving your emails.  (hint hint)

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