Monday, July 16, 2012

A New Week of News

Okay are a "cute" group of people.  You are soooo spoiled.  If I miss a day of posting, I receive complaints.  Actually that is a compliment and makes me smile. 

Tis Monday morning so I should have some "news" instead of just entertainment today.  We spotted yellow shirts out and about this morning so stopped for a chat to see what they were up to.  They have been hired to spray pre-emergent to keep the weeds from growing.  Another devoted effort to keeping our resort beautiful.

We spotted them working at different areas.  They said they would be working at this for about the next three weeks so I'm sure I'll have more photos later.  I hear from many of you who love seeing your house appear in some of my pictures so I'll try to do more of that.
They're even walking in between each house to prevent weeds from sprouting. is time once again to trim those palm trees!  They get their yearly haircut about this time of year.....again "before" they have time to drop their seeds.  We certainly had a dandy crop of blossoms from them this year.  I bet if you are a palm tree, you love getting a fresh haircut and get rid of those itchy dead branches.  Now you are free to thrash in the breeze and grow new sprouts.
Some lucky guy gets to ride in the bucket.  I'll get better pictures later this week.
More work continues as our devoted landscaping crew is still blowing out all the debris from around the golf course sites.  Thank you.
Speaking of our devoted is fearless leader, Fernando, out on his rounds assigning tasks, etc.  Be sure to say hello when you see him......this guy is awesome.  Thank you, Fernando, for all you do for us "creekers". 
That hot ugly job of sandblasting all the railings around the park is now finished.  Railings are painted and looking good!  More evidence of intensive work to keep the park in pristine condition.
Enough "news" for one day.  Now for some fun on our tour.
We may live in a dry desert, but there are plants that flourish in our summer heat.  All the purple sage are coming into full bloom and are just beautiful.  It is fun to drive down McMurray street and look at the pretty bushes along the way.......but we have plenty of beauty right within the park.  This is at Site 1710.
Every branch is fully loaded.
Aha.........found Fred and Sandy enjoying some early morning golf.
Meanwhile.....the doves are still doing their thing.  Here's mama protecting her young no matter how close I came.
Hibiscus LOVE hot weather. 
Not everything has to have flowers to be awesome.  I always enjoy a close inspection of the plethora of cactus plants.  See the little guy on the far right??
He is so cute!  He seems to say "Look at me!  I'm just like the big saguaros!"
These bouganvilias love the sun too.  This is a sample of the "legal" variety.
Life goes on here.
Peaceful and serene.
Ya'all have a great day!
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