Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Fun Day (again)

Received two more photos from Jack Rathert this morning.  His place in Alaska certainly seems popular as I've received nice feedback from several readers.  Here's another message from Jack and Carolyn:  "I have a tree standing upside down in front of my beach home. Yesterday a bald eagle perched on the roots and along came a little friend, a Magpie or camp robbers as we know them.

The Carlsons arrived today. After lunch we took them on the 35 cent tour of the Ninilchik, Alaska area. It included the ocean boat launch using log skidders, the old Russian Orthodox village, the Russian Orthodox church built in the late 1700's and cemetery complete with a Russian priest that gave us a tour, the commercial fishing boat harbor, a display of boats drift net fishing for red salmon and a great display of many bald eagles soaring in the sky in front of our home. Pie was provided before they hit the road to Homer.

Correction on the Carlsons.......they are not tenting it on their trip but staying in rooms at $10 per person per night in Mennenite homes that do that for travelers. That is a good deal.

Still to come are MM & Lee Davis (Fairbanks) and PC in their motorhome for fishing with us. Also Butch & Debbie(PC pastor) from Wasilla said they would stop by when they came down to dipnet salmon. And the Nelson's next month.

I will pass on anything else exciting that happens up here in the frozen northland involving PC folks."
Eagles and magpies....oh my.  Not a common sight here in Arizona.
I always enjoy hearing from readers when they write about their "other world".  Send in the stories AND PHOTOS.  It's fun to share.

Yesterday was another fun day here.  I stopped in a couple places for a quick photo to let you know those of us staying here are alive and well.  This quartet occupies the pool room every afternoon.  (Bill, Don, Bob, and Larry)
Angela and Valerie always have a smile for us.
Mailroom volunteers are still sorting and forwarding the mail.  Connie is on duty each Monday.
I didn't catch the puzzle people but there seems to be a new one each time I stop in.  The library is certainly a nice COOL quiet place to spend an afternoon.
The Texas Hold'em Poker players want to say Hi to all you folks and let you know the game is still alive and active during your absence.  They welcomed Chris and Linda Steward who were here for a few days during their summer travels.  The card room is anything BUT quiet during their sessions. 
Meanwhile....over in the ballroom....it was another night of summer bingo.  Ron and Lois Paul were here for a few days to put their furniture into their newly remodeled home on Putter Place.  That good looking YOUNG man is Priscilla's grandson, Nick who is here for a couple weeks to keep her company.
That's Connie again in back selling tickets and Diane walking over to replenish the supply of free popcorn.  We love bingo nights!
Of course, Flo and Linda were there overseeing the operation.
And the gal with the camera (ME) was the caller for the night. 
Don and I were out on rounds this morning when we came across Kelly Kearns and Bob Carte out walking Miss Murphy and Gigi. 
Whoa!  I made Don stop for another cactus photo despite his gripe about too many flower pictures.  Sorry Don.  I win!
An interesting aspect of this particular cactus is the color of the stems.  They always manage to match the color of the house.
Aha!  A new sign of action over by the construction area.  A big water truck has been installed.  They must be getting closer to action as they'll be watering the dirt to keep down the dust.

Here you can sorta see the silt fencing that has been installed along Cottonwood.  I guess this is a requirement for new construction in Arizona to help with water run off and dust. 
APS trucks were here in force again this morning.  They may be getting ready to put up new street lights??  Or maybe they're just cleaning up details after the meter installation.  I don't really know.....yet.
That's my update for today.  Life is good!

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