Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another Wonderful Rainy Day

Yahoo!!  Another afternoon thunderstorm!  Yes!
The wind was blowing, lightning streaking across the sky, thunder echoing off the buildings, and rain pouring down.
So, of course, we had to walk out into it because it felt wonderful......and wet.
We cornered Lillie in the main laundry room because we knew it was being painted and we wanted to see it.  Love the new bright color!!  It makes the laundry room nice and bright. 
Another one of the major summer renovation projects.  It's no small task to move all the machines so the room can be painted.
Then we scurried over to the pottery room as a new batch of goodies came out of the ovens. 
Then we waited out the storm at the card table......again.  The only golfing to do on a rainy day is the card game called "Golf".
Lynne treated us to some of her homemade yummy Lemon Ice Box Pie.
This may not have been a newsworthy post today but the resort is very quiet on a mid-summer Saturday afternoon in the rain.  The only thing I found to report is the FUN we were having.
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  1. Nice!! Looks like y'all are having fun!!


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