Monday, July 09, 2012

Newsy Stuff looks like one of our baby burrowing owls succummed to a road hazard up by the front gate sometime during the night.  I bet his Mom and Dad told him a hundred times not to fly out into the street..........but you know how kids are.

Eddie (maintenance dept) will give him a proper burial.  So sorry little guy.
On a happier note:  I received a nice newsy email from a fellow park resident up in Alaska.  Jack Rathert sent this great photo of a successful fishing trip with other Palm Creekers who were there visiting.  Here's Jack's note:  "Today 2 couples from Palm Creek stopped for a visit at our
beach home in Ninilchik, Alaska and I took the men out halibut
fishing this morning.

Nothing to set fish size records with but a nice "mess of fish" for
them to ship home. This resulted in 40 lbs of meat. King salmon
season was emergency closed due to lack of returning fish so no
fishing for them. That was a shame.

Carolyn had a nice lunch of deep fried halibut prepared for all after
our return to the house.

The couples are Dave & Dana Maylum (Oregon) and Charlie & Sandy
Erickson (Minn.). Both touring Alaska in their RVs together.

Tomorrow..........Lynn & Helen Carlson (Illinois) from
PC will stop by for lunch. They are traveling in their SUV and tenting.

In early Aug. Quent & Diane Nelson (Wisc.) are flying up for 5
days of fishing with us.

High temperature here today was 55 F. Sunny and warm and flat water."

Sounds like Jack and Carolyn have the welcome mat out for many of their Palm Creek friends. 
Good news for those of you who know Steve Endsley! Steve is a one-man handyman business and has helped MANY of us with small jobs through the years.  Steve is back on duty with his handyman jobs and is looking for work again after some tough surgery downtime.  I called him in this week to replace some wayward siding for a customer and he also replaced some sprinkler lines that had burst at another house.  I'll give Steve a reference anytime!  Call me if you need his number.

Here's the little owl we stop to visit each morning.  It was already 101 degrees when we made rounds today and this little guy was cooling off with wings open. 

I see a new coat of paint on some of the railings.  This may be just a base coat but its worth mentioning again because of all the hard labor that goes into prepping these railings for painting.  It took many long hours of nasty sand blasting to prep these.....and we have more railings in the park than you would guess. 

Remember this pretty cactus I posted just a day or so ago?

Dang!  One windy afternoon later and look what happened!  Too bad.

The new Ocotillo house on the Street of Dreams is still a work in progress.  This house will be used as a classroom and meeting room once the season gets started.

Casa Grande City News

This article appear in a recent edition of the city paper.  This helps explain why we all received a $30/month sewer cost add on last year. 
Water Reclamation Facility Doubles Capacity
Casa Grande’s population has more than doubled in the last ten years from 20,000 residents to nearly 50,000 today. This growth in population has led to an increase in demand for public services, including sewer service. The Water Reclamation Facility has undergone an extensive expansion process over the years to meet the growing needs of the community. Phase III of a three part Wastewater Master Plan was recently completed, which implemented several new stations and processing technologies that have doubled wastewater capacity from 6 million gallons a day to 12 million gallons a day.
“What this means is that we have room to accommodate future residential, commercial and industrial development in the community,” said Public Works Director Kevin Louis. “We can tell developers who are thinking of building in Casa Grande that we have the infrastructure in place to support their development.”
The Water Reclamation Facility is located at 1194 W. Kortsen Road.
The Arizona Department of Transportation will soon begin repaving all of Florence Boulevard.  When the project is completed, the whole street will be turned over to the City of Casa Grande for upkeep and maintenance.  This project will include new curb, gutter, and sidewalk so should upgrade our major traffic route.  Most of the work is supposed to be done during the night so main businesses can remain open along the route.  Whew!  Sounds like some traffic issues.  Luckily the whole project is predicted to be completed by November when the heavy traffic returns.

Y'all have a nice day now.

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