Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Monday News

We had another truck tour onto the construction site this afternoon.  This is a massive project with so much happening every hour.  Today Ernesto and our crew were finishing off the trench where they poured the footers and rebar for the wall that will surround the pickleball courts.

I eavesdropped while Ernesto and Jim Dawson compared notes about the concrete delivery.
See the purple paint line along this road?  Purple is the universal international code for gray water lines or nonpotable water.  I learn something every time we go out on the field.  This line extends from the golf course to the new softball field for irrigation.
Purple pipe for gray water lines.
Here's where the trench connects to the golf course system.
Green pipes are for sewer lines.  Because the sewer installation is such an immense project, they decided to bring in more equipment to hurry things along.  This crew is starting about midway and will connect with the crew that started at the north gate.
This trench is about 7 feet deep.
Outside the perimeter on Cottonwood, a crew is pouring the footings to support the new concrete water channel that will run along Cottonwood.
In addition to the huge construction project, more maintenance is happening around the park.  All the satellite buildings have been painted and fixed up including the laundry rooms, showers, and restrooms.  They've all been painted inside and some rooms have new flooring.  Now it's time to paint the outside.  All the concrete walls are being patched for painting.
The oleanders and shrubs must be trimmed way down to allow access to the walls.  Don't worry though....those oleanders are FAST growing and will be back in bloom before long.  Everything will soon look fresh and new.
Another HUGE project is to redo the swimming pools.  They'll start with the big pool first by draining it, resurfacing the entire bottom, retiling, painting, etc.  Then the kool deck area will be redone around the pool.  When that pool is completed, they'll start at the north pool.  Sure am glad we'll always have access to a pool or my summer wouldn't be near as complete.  It's too hot to swim during the day but it is perfect just as the sun goes down.
Here's Louis with the daily chore of washing the pool filters and keeping the water crystal clear and clean.  The daily dust storms keep this job a real challenge.
We also spotted one of the mailroom volunteers as she was stuffing the mailboxes this morning.  Thank you, Helen.
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