Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 2 Construction

Day 2 of construction with the big tonka toys.  We stood for at least a half hour this morning watching the action (safely from Bill Murr's patio).  It is absolutely fascinating to watch the crew in action.  Those are some powerful toys!  I'm "guessing" that this hollow they're digging out will be where the sunken pickleball courts will be.  The rigs are able to drive a lot faster than they could yesterday because they've managed to flatten down some roads.
A video speaks louder than a still photo so here we go again. 
Day 2 Construction Video

Ranger Bob joined us after his morning round of golf.
Meanwhile, the palms are still being trimmed.
....and the clean up crew follows behind.
Remember when I posted the photo of someone driving the tractor and hauling something behind to level the gravel??  The results are dramatic.  Really looks nice now.
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