Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Rain!

Wow!!  Did you all receive this email from Palm Creek management???  Sure wish I knew someone I could recommend!  This is quite a deal!!!!

We found the car this morning so stopped to take a look.  What a cute bugger!  It's about the size of a golf cart.  If any of you get this thing, can I take it for a drive around the park??  Please?? 

Here's the latest posting on the Palm Creek Facebook page for those of you who don't want to open a Facebook account:

 This is one tough cactus!  Remember how sad I was to see the arm broken off from the wind??  No more sympathy for this guy as he is one tough plant.  How awesome to see so many flowers so soon after the last bloom.
These are the new blossoms at the end of the broken arm.
We had some awesome rain last night!!  It was a jim dandy thunderstorm with lots of lightning and cracking thunder well into the night.  Of course, rain brings humidity so we were at 78% this morning.  Whew!  It is now 9:50 as I write this and we're back down to 48% which is much better.

Our little owl friend moved up a level today.  I assume because he didn't have to be sheltered from the blazing sun.  We actually had cloud cover.
We can see some new piles of dirt in the construction area.  It looks like a long trench of some sort.  I'm guessing it could be for the new street lights but that's just a guess.  We'll know soon enough. 
I received a couple photos from another one of our park residents.  Rich Cunrod lives in the Marshall Islands so looks at this view every day.
We have been emailing each other since he bought his park model a couple months ago.  I have since appropriately nicknamed him "Flip Flop" because of the life he leads on an island paradise.  Here's one of his fishing trophies.  Does anyone know what kind of fish these are??  They're certainly not the walleye or salmon that I'm familiar with!  (Rich is at center).
Rich must be ready for some dry land experience since he just bought a vacation home here in our desert.  Hope you get a chance to meet him this season.

Anyone else have stories or photos to share??

P.S.  Thanks for the nice comments on the guestbook page!

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