Monday, July 30, 2012

It was a quiet Sunday so Don puttered at his computer learning how to edit videos with Windows Live Movie Maker.  Here is his first attempt showing in 30 seconds how the sewer sections were installed.  Good job, Don!  Never too old to learn new tricks.  :)
On a more serious note:  I received an email from a friend alerting the fact that the grandson of one of our Palm Creek Quilters was tragically shot in that Aurora, Colorado theater shooting spree.  Here is the message I received: 
"I have some bad news to let you know. Rae Iacovelli's grandson, Alex Treves, was one of the victims of the theatre shooting. He was 24 and shielded his girlfriend from the shot. He had just graduated from college. I thought maybe you have the list of Palm Creek Quilter's and would consider getting the word out to them. I am sure a word from them to her would mean a lot.. her email address is:"

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