Thursday, July 19, 2012


Are you tired of looking at owl pictures yet??  Too bad...because I never tire of taking them.  I think he's just awesome!
This is the site we first saw this morning at the end of Oasis.
Here is the view from the end of Cole Circle where we will eventually enter the new area.  Lots of equipment today.
Thank you to Bill and Lesley Murr for giving us permission to linger on their patio for construction pictures.  Site 28.
There's lots of activity.
Big Tonka Toys!!
Water trucks spray to keep down the dust and perhaps soften that hard packed desert surface.
The still photos just don't do it justice so I hopefully uploaded a video to YouTube for your enjoyment.  Click on this big link and let me know if it works for you.
This is a nice photo to show the "before and after" of the palm tree trimming.
You folks have a GREAT day!   It's exciting!
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