Friday, July 20, 2012

Special Tour & Information

 I had a GREAT opportunity to ride out onto the construction site as a passenger with Jim Dawson and hear first hand about how the project is progressing.  (Thank you, Jim)

Here is a blow up of the new maps being distributed.  The middle pickleball courts on the left side will be sunken....thus I was correct in guessing that the depression that is currently being dug is for that purpose.
Area U is designated as a future dog park.
Area P for recycling.
Area X is the softball field
Area S is for the new snack bar
The area to the right of P is a picnic or seating area.
The once plain dirt is starting to look like planned roads.
There are plenty of water trucks at work to keep down the dust....not only for our residents but as a requirement by the EPA.  They're doing a great job too as the dust seems to be minimal considering the size of the project.
Here is a look at Shimmering Desert Drive as it enters the new area from Oasis.
These earth movers are awesome to watch.  They work in unison with the blade trucks.  The blade driver scoops a wind row of dirt and then the earth mover comes along with its paddle wheel and picks up the dirt.  They carry it to a lower area where the earth is dumped and spread to exact depths.
 I just kept clicking my camera button as we bounced along the rough road.
The plethora of surveyor stakes tell a detailed intricate story.  It looks like pure hyroglyphics to me but Jim could rattle off exactly what each mark meant.  By using laser equipment with GPS tracking, the surveyors mark the exact depth the soil needs to be, how high the curb will be, the grade of run off, etc.  I should have had a tape recorder with me so you could hear the explanations yourself.  Fascinating! 
  Every flag and ribbon color on the surveyor stakes tells the drivers explicit information about what to do.  Jim explained how the sewer lines are being installed for all the new home sites in the area.  The sewer lines must be dug and constructed on concise grades along their route and then connected to existing sewer lines.
Then we drove out onto Cottonwood to see the work being done that is required by the city.  Because the Phoenix Mart project will bring more traffic to Cottonwood, the city of Casa Grande wants Palm Creek to put in another traffic lane, finish off our fencing for at least 300 feet along the roadway, and construct the water run off trench.

I was curious about this big patch of rough crushed rock as we enter the area.  I learned today that this is called a track off and is required by law for all major construction sites.  All heavy equipment must drive over this rugged gravel upon exiting so it knocks the chunks of dirt from their tires.  This helps alleviate the chunks of dirt being dropped out on the highway.

My brain was in hyper drive after our tour trying to remember as much as I could to share with you.  I can tell you're interested because we're getting over 400 hits a day on this blog.  I feel the pressure!

I promise to keep reporting and filling in the details as I learn more. 
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