Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coke Floats + Remodel Status

That was scrumptious!  We had coke floats for a break this afternoon.  Fun!  Thank you to Brandy, MaryAnn, and Ed for doing the labor for us.
We definitely appreciate our summer events and love an excuse to get together.
We met some "newbies" here too. 
Say hello to Buzz and Bev Rodgers.
We just met Phyllis and Charles too.  They never even stayed here but were shopping for a home and stumbled upon Palm Creek.  Welcome these new comers.
MaryAnn was our cheerful and outgoing waitress.  So outgoing....that we got a blurry picture.  LOL
She's anxiously awaiting the completion of the activities office where she'll be busy at work during season.
This photo was taken inside Brandy's new office.  Notice the nice crown molding around all doors and windows.
Outside the library/computer lab is a nice outdoor area that will have benches and/or tables so we can enjoy some outdoor wifi.  Till now, this has been a relatively unused area.
The billiards room is nearing completion.
The ballroom has a long way to go yet.  Here's Neal, Eddy, and Jim discussing what comes next.
New spray painting gizmos at work wherever we look.
WOW!  Check out the new paneling on the wall behind the front desk! 
They're really dressing up the place for us this summer!

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