Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pickleball news plus updates

We stopped out at the pickleball courts this morning to check on a few items.  I received an email request from Ken Johnson (one of our residents) to get information about the posts and nets used on our Palm Creek courts as his local community is building courts and Ken wants to advise them of the great equipment we have here.  It was an interesting assignment and I learned more info because of it.

There was a four-man crew out there washing the courts this morning after our recent flurry of dust storms.
This is some very efficient equipment used to wash away the dust but it still requires these gents to be out there for several hours.
Working barefoot will help keep him cool.  :)
It's readily apparent at how well the drainage is working at the courts as the excess water and mud easily washes into the center aisle where the drains are located. 
Larry Gray showed us how the net posts work.  Each post has a slot where a handle is stored.  This crank then allows them to adjust the height and tension of the nets.

No wonder Ken wanted the information about our supplier.

Thanks for the info and the tour, Larry.
The ballroom is still under construction.  It will really be nice to have those ceiling fans working this season.  Thank you, Sun Communities for all you do for us!

The billiards room is almost finished.   
They're marking the floors to indicate proper placement of the tables.
Walking by the mailroom, we spotted Bob Herinck picking up a package from Linda Balzan.  Knowing Painter Bob, it's probably new brushes! 







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