Thursday, July 24, 2014


There wasn't much to photograph up in the admin building yesterday.  The pool room is moving along but the rest all looks the same except for more ladders, more equipment, and paint buckets.  We try to stay out of the way as we carefully walk through.
Don and I took a whole bunch of photos of the harvesting in the fields along the east wall of the park.  I haven't been around this kind of equipment so found it fascinating to watch. 
One machine cuts, chops, and grinds, then shoots it directly into a truck that drives alongside. 
When that truck fills up, he beeps his horn, and the next truck drives up to take his place. 
With all this truck traffic going up and down that dirt road, plus the loose flying debris, the pickleball courts will be covered in dust.  Our volunteers will be back out cleaning again once harvest is done.
We had to stop for a covey of quail crossing Granite Drive this morning.  While there was quite a string of them in a single file line, I could only get two in one photo as they were moving at a good clip. 
I love this close up showing that their cute little feet don't touch the ground between those long strides.  Run Forrest, Run.

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