Tuesday, July 15, 2014

People and Wildlife

Time for more nature stories from around our park.  On the way to the Monday night Texas Hold'em poker tournament, we saw a bunch of killdeer birds out on the street.  Their loud calls (killdeeeer!  killdeeeeer!) attracted our attention to the turtle  crossing the road.  The birds were probably upset as they nest on the ground and this shelled creature was on their turf.
The turtle looked pretty dry and still had a long trek to get to the pond. 
 Don gently carried him to the pond.
The moment the turtle was set down, he bolted for the water and was instantly gone before I could get another photo.  His fast move surprised us both.
Take a look at the spider that was found up near the club house as the housekeepers were sweeping.  Eddie from maintenance came to the rescue and wouldn't let them squish the creature.  I sent the photo to the Wild At Heart nature center for identification.
This is an orb-weaver spider known for their perfectly round webs.  The spider is non-poisonous and a friend to mankind as they eat many many mosquitos and other small flying insects.  He has since been safely returned to the great outdoors....but not near the housekeepers.  :)
Couldn't resist this nest of two baby doves.  They're certainly NOT a rare sighting around here but they're still cute.
Spotted the duck family out on the course. 
When we lived in Ohio, I bought some lantana plants from the internet as I wanted to plant them in my flower bed to attract butterflies.  I nurtured them, cared for them, babied them.....to no avail as they just didn't like the Ohio climate.  Here in the intense heat and sun of summer, they flourish and are bountiful.  They're not fun to trim back either as typical of Arizona plants....they are picky and sharp.....
but pretty.  And the butterflies love them.
The greens on the golf course are being aerated now.  The plugs are much smaller than the ones from the fairways.
it takes lots of specialized equipment to operate a golf course.
Even in the heat of summer, we still have quite a few loyal residents who remain here with us.  We see them out every day in the cool mornings.
Lynne Rogers and her two adorable pups, Sugar and Charlie Bear.

Here's Bev Carte.  Normally she's out walking her dog but her daughter, Susan, is here for a while and was already out with Gigi.
We see Oliver and his two pups every morning too.
Since today's post is a nature story, I'll throw in a few pics of last night's evening sunset as we came out of the Santan Room.  Don and I were both out EARLY from the tournament.
I know it is the sunshine that creates the color, but the clouds always seem to glow from within.  Very pretty!
I'll be up to the clubhouse later today with a report on the construction projects.  See ya then.


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