Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Dust Storm

There was a zero percent chance of rain today which is true.  Not a drop of rain fell here.  BUT......a lovely dust storm sure swept through this afternoon.  It was a clear sky with hardly any wind at all.  The palm trees were barely moving.  Then the eastern sky turned a dusty gray.  We and our neighbors quickly went outdoors to secure patio furniture and whatever else might blow away.  Then we stood back with camera in hand ready to watch the action.  Actually.....I had my new cell phone camera because I paid for an extra dust proof cover for it rather than risk ruining another camera.

The storm blew across Casa Grande and within 20 minutes was completely gone.  We were soon back to clear blue sky again.

Kent and Lesley Evans live on the golf course by the lake on the 13th fairway.  They are camera buffs too so invited us over to watch the view from their yard.  We didn't make it there though as the storm moved in too fast and we didn't want to get caught out there.  Thank you, Kent, for sending these photos!!
It's not safe to stay outside for more photos as the dust approaches.  We definitely don't want to breath it in nor sandblast our eyes.  We run for shelter.

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