Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Moving along

There's certainly a lot of action going on in the admin building these days.  It's hard to walk through the area and manage not to get in someone's way.....but I still sneak through with my camera.  Lisa's office now has a wall.
Inside certainly doesn't look like an office yet though.  :) 
Brandy's office is back behind the big ladder so I'm guessing that back door will be closed off.
 We're seeing some very nice interior design work with the paint colors.
There's crown molding all down the hallway and in the recesses of the ceiling.
Donna Cox and Diane Reese were studying the progress and seem very pleased.
I peeked through the window into the Zuni Room and could see Brandy and MaryAnn hard at work.  They had a tad bit of sad news for me though as they announced that the coffee and donuts event scheduled for July 15 has been postponed until August.  If you already purchased tickets, you can see Activities for a refund. 
Here's the new wall up near the north gate that will surround the trash receptacles up there.  The crew is applying the stucco today.
 Here's something new I hadn't seen before.  This new house on Granite has these cool storage cabinets attached to the back of their bathroom doors.  It closes with magnets and allows the door to open fully.
Then they open up for lots of extra storage space for small items.  Very nice!

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