Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Work inside and out

The scenery in these rooms changes rapidly day by day as busy crews are working in every room.
We spied Jim Dawson and Neil this morning as they follow up on the projects and touch base with all the contractors. 
Paint seems to be arriving by the truckload.
Outside there is a crew spraying the whole park with pre-emergent spray to keep the weeds down this season.  That's lots of acreage to cover. 
Here comes another house site.  This one is on Silver Moon Lane at lot 1580.
Again............while work continues, we residents can play.  These two gents are on the tennis courts almost every morning. 
Suzette Taylor spends a great deal of time in the pottery room where she assists others and works on her own projects as well.  She just completed this totem for her front flower bed.  Very nice!
Weird stuff:  I receive quite a bit of feedback from readers who say they look forward to the cartoons and "stuff" I post at the end of the articles so I've gathered some weird things from the internet for your entertainment.
First series is on artwork:  (very creative!)

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