Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just stuff

It was a nice quiet morning on our rounds today.  We saw Jesse hard at work and stopped to chat with Fernando to get the latest news from landscaping.  Jesse is making his way all around the park to pick up dead plants and large weeds from all the sites.  I think it is awesome that the park does this even when you are away.  It certainly keeps the park looking nice.  Many of the pretty plants you leave behind don't survive our hot summer.  The place would look abandoned if left that way.  Soooo.....we say "Thank You, Jesse!"
A new logo was installed at the band shell in Palm Park.  Really looks nice!
Any time we stop up at the north end of the park, we take time to admire the view.  Very pretty!
Our avid golfers never miss a morning on the links.  They're out there every day (early though before it gets tooooo HOT.)
I keep an eye out for "unusual" plants around the park so I think this one gets some kind of award too.  This cactus looks like he has a bad hair day.  It looks nice and soft....but let's not reach out and pet it! 
Larry Gray sent me this photo this morning.  We finally see a roadrunner for a change.  They seem to have made themselves scarce for a while.  They certainly are fascinating to watch.  This one is used to getting a friendly handout from Avis and Larry.
I went up to the pool for a lovely swim last night and found this golf cart parked out in the street.  Hey (Ed Brown)......remember to use your parking brake!  LOL
Mark Nelson sent me this photo of the first stealth bomber to appear in the Davis Monthan boneyard.

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