Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A dandy monsoon haboob

We had a fantastic super classic haboob (dust storm) last night with thick thick blowing dust and strong wind followed by a beautiful heavy rainfall.  Thank you to Loretta Spanton for some great sky photos as the dust stared to roll in.
I tried a couple photos from my kitchen window.  The palm trees and street lights were really swaying in the wind.

 Everyone was out at the break of dawn this morning to check for damages.  Thankfully, there wasn't any "major" damage to report.  This is a small shed that covered the water softener at this site. got pulled right off the wall and will need a little repair.
Awww.....such a pretty cactus was uprooted on Coyote Drive.
 Minor aluminum damages like this were pretty common.
Missing panels can be easily replaced........provided they don't blow away too far.
This metal awning is a goner.  Sorry Jolene.
A swing set became an umbrella with a rough landing.
A run away chunk of urn.

We retrieved someone's window screen but couldn't find where it came from.  We left it in front of the house there in case someone is looking for theirs.
This was the only severe damage found.  The awning from the back of the house  wound up across the road.....but the house itself appears fine.
 Lost a nice big pine tree out on the golf course on #10 fairway.  Too bad.
Palo Verde trees seem to split apart easily in a heavy wind.
We spotted Will Chaney on his way in to work.  He said there are quite a few trees and downed branches along the streets downtown.
Say Hi to Wil's sidekick, Rich.  These two guys are real champions if you need any building or repairs.  They come highly recommended by our residents.

That's it for today.  It has been a long morning as it took us over three hours to tour the whole park this morning.  Then home to download all my photos, send reports to our housewatch customers, and do this blog entry.    Oh the time it took to blow off a few layers of dirt from the patio, car, golf cart, etc.  I don't care though............I still LOVE living in Arizona.  We're not scrubbing everything out there because the weatherman says we can experience the same thing again tonight.

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