Monday, July 07, 2014

Painting, painting, painting

New floor is finished in the activities department and painting has begun.
The billiards room:  The carpet has been removed and new hardwood flooring installed.  To stifle the noise, a heavy duty protective foam is laid under the flooring.
Front reception area & Lisa's future office under construction.
Wow.........all the halls and doorways will have new crown molding......around the doors plus a chair railing.  Very nice!
Library/Computer room.  Paint paint paint
As we left the building, we caught MaryAnn Brown and Brandy Wood crossing the street.  Always a cheerful smile from these two.
Here are the two new houses on Desert Wind (around site 1340).
We're well into monsoon season now when the sky becomes Mother Nature's drawing canvas.  The scene changes minute by minute and its awesome to watch.  Off in the distance, you can see a small rain storm to the east.  Wish it was over us!
So many different colors of blue in the clouds.  Beautiful.
I sent this photo to Terry and Jean Turner for their scrapbook.  Lovely sky over their pretty new rig. final shot as we arrived home into the cool air conditioning.  It's 109 with 21% humidity.  I love Arizona...........even in the summer!

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