Saturday, July 12, 2014

Progress plus a dust devil

Another sunrise in Palm Creek.  We're thankful for every one we see!
Not many clouds today as the weatherman predicts clear skies for the upcoming week.
While out on rounds, we spotted more heavy equipment preparing new home sites.
While new houses entered through the north gate.  John Blount and his men are certainly kept busy these days. 
In early afternoon, I take a walk through the admin building to check on progress.  Activities office.
Eddie from our maintenance staff was outside painting a door so I had to go in the ballroom to check on activity there.
WOW....big crew working fast.  All the ceilings and walls are being painted. 
The billiards room is progressing nicely.  Rich looking color.
Next came the foyer for Lisa's office. sure to look up at the ceiling as you enter the foyer!  Can't wait to see what this looks like when finished.
Have to keep one eye on my feet as we walk through though as this is definitely an area under construction at this point.  No tripping allowed!
All you pottery fans should make sure you thank Dora Rocha and her crew for the beautiful job they did on cleaning up your pottery room.  WOW!  It looks great.  Look at those shiny clean floors.

While playing cards at the Santan room in the afternoon, we saw this HUGE dust devil come swirling across the park.  These freaks of nature are totally amazing.  There wasn't any wind outside...the palm trees were barely moving but this swirling dusty tornado was really whipping up some dirt into an otherwise clear blue sky.  Amazing!
Avis Gray sent this info and photos regarding the devoted pickleball players who still enjoy their sport in Arizona's summer.
Sunrise before pickle ball this morning (July 7)

Our fan that Palm Creek graciously hooked up to a water line so we have a way to cool down after a hot grueling game! cool mister!

The four great guys who keep our courts washed Larry Gray, Bob Daniels, John Hennessy and George Costa. John also puts out the balls on Fridays & Saturdays when we play and then collects them and puts them out of the HOT sun so they won't dry out & crack.

Thanks guys!


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